Childhood life

Childhood memory has always been alive and never forgotten. My father was doing job in Indian Army so we spent almost more than 20+ year over India. we are 7 people in our family, it seems big. I was born in Shillong, India. As far as I’ve remember at the age of 5 dad got posting into Varanasi, UP. We all 3 sisters and 1 elder brother and me got admission on Central School (K.V.) B.H.U, Varanasi. I was direct admitted on class 1 and that was so tough situation I’ve faced because i have no idea how to study, even no idea about classes and all those. Because lack of initial fundamental baby courses i was faced so tough situation on my further classes.


Rather than education i was so love to engage sports field and another curriculum. My most of the memorable time spent at defense colony, varanasi, India. I’ve no idea what the education condition was till primary or secondary level. During that days till class 5th standard most of the time i used to spent in sports like cricket, football and all indoors and outdoor games. You know all the time just need to play a games likewise today’s kid most of the time they spent in mobile or online games. Off course we are also love and crazy about 2D video games. I still remember video game cost was 25 Rs per night, we collected money and used to hired one night rental. I just needed game and game ever time whether at home or at school hahaha.

Moreover, i was so loved to fly kites. Just back from school @ 2 pm done lunch and all those and get back to terrace with kite and threads. If there were a blowing wind with light sun so that was my great day ever. Actually it was my daily life style as normally all the children had. I used to kept my kites just behind the door or box. Every day i checked my kite’s collection before go to school and before go to bed at night.


As i grow my interest little bit change and diverted into art/drawing. Interest just came form comics (story books). I always tried to make a art same as seems on story books, so that was my first steps to start art. When i got time i just start drawing something, i know very well at school level my bench seater’s friends used to ask me to done their drawing home work done. Me and my elder brother both of us used to study in the same class, he also use to become a art.
First Winning flavor
My first achievements of my life on class 6th standard i got 2nd place on all India camel color competition. It actually boosted me to move on for more one, me and my brother participated each and every year on drawing competitions and so on. You can see the details here. Every year i got better place. My last drawing competition was at 9th standard i got first place at that time.